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Property Management Service Outline:

Our management certifies a straightforward process at your benefit. We make it priority to deliver our services skillfully. Landlords tend to struggle amidst tenancy issues. Our management creates a natural and convenient process, while being great value for money.

Before Tenancy Commencement:

  • Undertake inspection of property to determine the Advised Letting Value.
  • Photograph interior and exterior for advertising.
  • Market/Advertise the property.
  • Arrange meetings with client as well as accompanying tenants on viewings.
  • Filtering out ideal tenants and reference checking.
  •  Drawing up of leases, as well as Signing leases with clients.
  •  Drawing up & signing of current market leases in office with clients.
  • Record gas and electricity meters.
  •  Take care of utility transfer.
  • Registration of PRTB on behalf of landlord.
  • Arrangement of BER where applicable.
  • Cut keys when necessary.

During Tenancy:

  • Make arrangements for rent collection and remittance to landlord monthly.
  • Undertake inspections of the property every three months.
  • Middleman for tenants in relation to all repairs and maintenance and arrange as necessary including:
  • Repairs/replacement of damaged items.
  • Preservation and upkeep of essential items and services.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Internal cleaning.
  • Grounds maintenance.
  • Other maintenance.

End of Tenancy:
Reclaim property keys from the tenant.

  • Note the recordings of the [gas/electricity /utility] meters.
  • Undertake final inspection of the property, including any noticeable changes to the property.
  • Photograph the interior and exterior of the property.
  • Inspect the property’s inventory and contents if necessary.
  • Request the final accounts for various utilities.
  • Determine the extent of repairs/maintenance work necessary and aid client accordingly.
  • Take care of tenant deposit return
  • Calculate the “tenancy deposit” if any, to be deducted to cover breaches of the tenancy and appraise Client.


Our aim is to aid landlords wholeheartedly as we are aware of how much is required to manage tenancy. We hope to have a positive impact on you by relieving stress as well as creating a straightforward process with our exclusive service. Our team plans on making the process as clear as possible, as well as informing both parties their obligations. We work towards a consistent procedure, in regards of collecting rent, setting up meetings etc..

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