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Residential Sales

When it comes to the time to sell your residential property for whatever reason, you need the best advice possible.  In GPI Estate Agents offer our clients the help needed to make this process a positive and stress-free experience.

Our knowledge of the real estate market and use of innovative technology puts us in the ideal position to sell your residential property faster and for the highest selling price possible.

Almost 90% of Irish people uses the internet as their favourite method of looking for residential property, this is why our website is completely optimised for exactly this purpose. Listings can be access in any location of the world, providing international reach and visibility to the sale of your residential property.

No effort or complications

The selling process of your property can be a lot less complexed and stressful when supported by us. Our dedication and experience in this area is fundamental to achieving a good end result.

So, do not hesitate and let one of our highly trained and experienced agents help with everything and get you moved to the next chapter of your life.

We offer:

  • Business experience
  • Professional assessment
  • Negotiating power
  • Attention to detail
  • Juridical support
  • Huge Potential Buyers database
  • Top of the line real-estate technology
  • Large-scale promotion

We know that there is much more to selling a residential property than recommending a starting asking price and marketing it to potential buyers.

With our experience, hard work, enthusiasm, and specially our honest, pragmatic advice, we guarantee our assistance and support to you every step of the way. We help you estimate the correct value of your property and the target group of your potential buyers; we also offer you our “Home Staging Expertise”, advising you on how best to present your home for viewings; we effectively promote your property using our marketing channels and modern technologies; negotiate the sale and liaise with solicitors.

We make sure your property gets in front of the right buyer, so, if you are thinking of selling your residential property and want to get the best results and the best price, call the most productive and the most consistent award winning RE/MAX office today!


Free Home Valuation

How much is my property worth?

If you are thinking about selling your home, this is the first question that arises.

Conducting an accurate property valuation is the first step leading to a successful sale. If you state a higher asking price than what your property is worth, the sale will be hampered, attracting interested people who expect much more than what the property offers. If you present a lower value, you will lose money on the sale.

Valuations give you an overall estimate of how much your house is worth based upon several different factors. This way, you will know precisely the appropriate amount that you should request during its sale.

Also, by knowing your property´s proper pricing, you will be able to perceive how much you can spend when looking for a new house in the market.

We will provide a free valuation of your property and consider its location, special features, and market conditions. We will then combine this information with our experience, expertise, and local knowledge to provide a swift and accurate estimate of the real price of your property.


Selling Advice – Sell with GPI Auctioneer & Estate Agent

GPI Auctioneer & Estate Agent Marketing Specialists.

We are one of the few estate agents in the country who understand the value of a well-planned marketing campaign for properties.

Engaging Technology

From, to, flyers, front office display, signage local new papers etc,and nationwide property websites, we believe nobody understands the web from a property perspective better than we do.

GPI Auctioneer & Estate Agent has a strong understanding on how the internet works compared to some other agencies. The main aim for our *website* is to take advantage of social media and attract prospective purchasers of your property.

When selling your property communication is the key.

Tailor Made Brochures for Your Property

We create ideal brochures which give your property an outstanding effect, compliment your property on paper splendidly. Each and every single client is treated with respect, along with their property. That being said, the client will be kept up to date with our plans and if they require any modifications in the brochures made.

Professional Photography and Advice

With one of our highly experienced photographers of your choice will accompany our agent or a sales agent with experience in taking professional photographs, supply floor plans if necessary as well as comprehensively write property descriptions, the advertisement of the property can be dealt with swiftly. We will also assist you in how to reach the highest price possible for your property. We understand the use of “rule of third and spiral” when taking a photograph to bring out the best shot possible, and we also understand the use of cameral codes to ensure a good and beautiful shot of your property to attract potential purchaser


We are more than capable of assisting you in how to get the most out of selling your property.

GPI Auctioneer & Estate are trained to get the best price possible for each property entrusted on our us. Advertising in the national press the right properties is an important ingredient to ensuring the best result is obtained for your home.

GPI Auctioneer & Estate Boards

Our distinctive and eye-catching ‘For Sale’ boards mark the sign of a quality property and can increase viewing numbers by up to 20%. We have designed a range of board sizes to suit every type and style of property.


The first impression people receive from your property is most vital. The upkeep of your property can have an impressionable effect of potential customers. Possible methods of helping your property stand out can include painting your front door or cleaning up the garden and surrounding’s. If the property being sold is an apartment, then adjustments of furniture or clean-up of the property would be advisable. If the property appears to be run down it will repel interested customers.

A customer’s main way of thinking when buying a house would be “can I see myself living here?” We would recommend paint with an attractive and cool colours to help costumers picture what future plans they would consider when finally in the property.

We would ensure your property is sold at your best interest. We would also recommend that you consider the following:

Who is your target market?

You should consider who would be most interested in your property.  Off, course the type would depend on the correct target groupto accelerate the process of selling your property. Older people seem to prefare bungalow type property compare to younger people, so the type of property would make usdecide on a specific group. For example, if your target market was directed at young (possibly college students) tenants then we would make a recommendation to change your office to a bedroom or work station. Methods like such ensure your property will reach a wider base of people.

De-Clutter and De-Personalise

As previously mentioned, buyers would be most interested in property they can see themselves living in. It is best to display as much counter surface space and floor space as possible. Items you don’t use on a regular basis should be stored away safely, as well as large furniture in order to make the area appear spacious. We also recommend removing clutter items in hallways like coats or shoes, and clearing the bathroom of personal items. The same would be advised in the kitchen. Old tea towels, over flowing bins and any surface appliance should be out of view.

Freshen Up

Paint your walls with a fresh layer of a cool and attractive colour, new tiling and lino can liven up the look of your bathroom or kitchen. Make sure to look out for water stains, which will need to be repaired then painted over. If a potential buyer notices a water stain, they’ll be less likely to purchase as they would be worried of leakage which from their view would lead to a bigger leakage issue. If the property has a garden; mowing the lawn, removing weeds and adding some colourful flowers can add a very vibrant effect to the property.

Clean Up

If you don’t feel urged to re-decorate your property, a deep clean would be essential, in order to give the property a fresh feeling. Professional cleaners can transform the property and will be well worth the price. The sight of a sparkling bathroom and kitchen as well as other rooms will satisfy the buyer substantially. If pets are present in the property, the property should be aired out before viewings. Scented candles, fresh flowers or even plug-ins can have a huge impact on removing scents.

Letting in Light

Curtains and blinds should be opened to let in light and let the interior of the property appear brighter. Cleaning windows would also be advised. A sunny atmosphere in the house can make the property look really attractive. Ensure that curtains are clean and hung correctly. Ensure light bulbs are also working if the weather isn’t too ideal and if a fire place is present, lighting it can have create a comforting atmosphere in the property.

Preparing for Viewings

To make the property appear inviting for the viewer, sweeping the entrance, and tidying the front garden as well as entrance hall in your property would be favourable. Also if pets are present it would be best to leave it with a neighbour during the viewing time, and remove any traces of pets in the property (you never know if the viewer could be allergic to particular pets). Make sure the property is aired out and do not smoke or cook spicy food before the viewing as it would be difficult to remove lingering scents. If a driveway is present, leave it empty for the viewer, as it can help boost the buyer’s experience of the property. Mats should also be present in front of the door as well as the rear of the door in case of snow or rain.

Our agents will arrive prior to the viewing to turn on lights and heating if necessary.


Your Questions Answered

Managing the estate belonging to a deceased friend or family can be intense and overwhelming to deal with. GPI Auctioneer & Estate Agent is able to provide you with vital information which can guide and support you throughout the process.

Here at GPI Auctioneer & Estate Agent we can assist you get a good lawyer to provide you with all information and comprehension of what is needed to perform the duties of an executor. His guidance can assure you receive the best advice most relevant to the guidance you need.

What services do GPI Auctioneer & Estate Agent provide?

Probate Valuation

We can assess the property as well as providing you with an accurate estimation of the market evaluation.  

Pre-sales Advice

We can guide you whilst planning to put your property up for sale upon viewing the property, as well as receiving a BER certificate and anything else needed to assure the property is safeguarded.

Property Check

If instructed, GPI Auctioneer & Estate Agent is able to set up regular check-ins on your property before going to the market and property is sold.

Sales Advice and Negotiation

As the executor, you will be advised on offers made by promising purchasers. We will assist you and guide you with the best course of action most ideal for you.

After Sales Advice

On your behalf, GPI Auctioneer & Estate Agent will take responsibility in arranging access with bank valuer or surveyors and liaise directly with both solicitors until the sale has been accomplished.

What is a Probate Valuation?

-A valuation which is required by the Probate Office as part of the process of proving the Will.

When is Probate Valuation needed?

-It is required when the property is owned by a deceased landlord, whether the property is being sold or not.

What is the date of the Probate Valuation?

-The valuer will value the property based on what it was worth on the date of the deceased passing, regardless of the actual date of probate valuation.  

When do beneficiaries receive their inheritance?

-Once the Grant of Probate has been issued assets liquidated and amassed by the Executors and all liabilities (as well as inheritance tax) have been discharged; the beneficiaries will receive their inheritance. The process usually takes between 9 to 18 months.

Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT). Inheritance tax is taken by CAT.

CAT comprises inheritance tax. This tax is paid on inheritances received over a certain amount. The probate valuation is the value of the property used to work out whether inheritance tax may be owed and what amount might be due.  

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

– This is tax paid on the increase in price from the date of acquiring the asset to the date of the asset being sold. Beneficiaries are liable to pay CGT on the difference in price of an inherited property being sold. CGT is the tax paid on the increase in price from the date of acquiring an asset to the sale of the same asset. If inherited property is sold and the price has increased from the probate valuation, the beneficiary will be liable to pay CGT on the difference.

For more information or to arrange a consultation with GPI Auctioneer & Estate Agent by sending us an email or phone call.

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