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We’re the leaders in Auctioning and Estate Agency in Cork.

We are fully insured, and guaranteed by Irish law. We provide everything about property service. Our Auctioneer is a specialist in all areas of property services from sales, to lettings, and the managing of properties.

Our customers love us.

Focus on the benefit you will get from our excellent service and  good service don’t worry about my looks. As soon as we have your key right from the viewing day, we will study the property very carefully from all angles and figure out the selling point and put every of our machineries in place to get the property into the market for sale or let.

We also provide free survey to ensure there are no defects in the property that might affect the value of the property price and get it fix immediately for you to get the right value of your property for sale or let

Our firm will take all the necessary steps to introduce the property to potential purchaser to get the best price that the property deserves or worth.

Customer Service
Overall Satisfaction

We’re always just a phone call away.
Our knowledgeable team can help you with anything you need.

We have a high quality camera that will brings out a high quality perfect shot of your of your property for advert. We are conversant with cameral codes.

We want to let you know that we the estate agent owe you the Vendor / Owner loyalty throughout the sales process.

We have many methods to promote and advertise the property to potential purchaser for it to sell fast like:

  • Good signage
  • Flyers
  •         Online
  • and
  • Newspaper like Irish Examiner
  • Window display to showcase the property with details of the property like the location, map, price etc
  • Digital print brochures
  • Our firm website that is being updated regularly
  • Facebook social media
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